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Nothing in this world hurts more than parents who don't support there children's dreams.

It is not by choice that some of you are working where you don't wanna work, its the situation and the pressure your parents focused into your life.

Sometimes you hate yourself and sometimes you feel like the is a real need for you to work where you don't want to work.

What happens when an opportunity of something you really love opens up? You doubt your decision/choice because you fear to leave something that's giving you a reason to wake up every morning and go Grind.... and you fear to try new things....because you don't know what's in it for you.

Sometimes taking a decision over your parent's one might turn out to be horror that really feels like a curse.... and sometimes allowing your parent to decide for you might be the worst mistake ever in your life/ it might be the beginning of a whole new interesting life.

Your year might look like a Blue Monday.
But then again, life never comes with instructions for use and it will never come with them in the next generation...

So accept that a challenge is something one will face now & then....i mean even giving Birth is a challenge and so does Dying.

You are not here to play the next God you are Created for a purpose (a special purpose) ... so don't ever feel like you need to explain your every move to anyone /everyone... we are all here to visit.

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Alternative Modeling
I know alternative modeling is not as widely acceptable and everyone wants to look the same, but I think it is moving up. I am proud to be different than all the others.
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Think about the word "goddess" what comes to your mind, someone pretty, gorgeous etc and love is also involved haha! I love being cute, i love the camera, its my life! Fashion is in me! Being a model isn't all about being the most pretty girl or guy in the whole world, its about how you present yourself before everyone and tue confidence in you! Can't there be a black miss y model for once? Black is beautiful and am proud of black! @goddess!
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My passion of becoming a model
Hi I'm new here and it has always been my dream to becoming a model right from my infant......I always wish to be like my eldest sister.....I'm grateful for this opportunity at least with this I can achieve my dream of becoming a model.....pls I want u guys to vote for me so my dream will be made possible.
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Hi guys
From the very first day I heard the meaning of model!Having being aiming to be one of them because I have all it takes to be a model. Help me and like my picture to win this contest.
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My dream to be a Model
Ever since i was 12, I've always wanted to model. I love taking pictures, Im very photogenic..Modeling is a passion of mine. I need exposure into the Fashion Industry. Please vote for me........
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Hi guys☺It's your Girl Hazel💓
Modelling has always been my passion☺ I live and breath it! I would really appreciate it if you can view my profile and help me win😘😘 Love you all💓
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Hi.......The name is Diana
Hi guys, I'm new here and I'd love it if you guys could show me some love and welcome me...... I have a feeling that I'd really love this
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yeah! we talking about modelling, its my life , my aspiration which makes me happy, my inspiration. would love to be a role model to others, want people to be like me and learn from me., am shy in nature anyways ..pls vote for me new here..pls
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Miss Yang
Hi guys I'm new here please vote for me...Love you All
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