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Let's push
Hey guys please vote for me,let's help a make her dreams come true😗.
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World model
Being a kid, nothing excited me more like fashion shows, seeing models on runaways, looking all glam. A kid got to dream and so the thirst kept getting more. As a adult, being in fashion is everything I want. That is where I belong, a world of glamour. So, now I'm on my path of quenching my thirst, it may take a while but it gonna be fun all the way to the top!
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Being a model is really fun, u can become a great model if u are determined. Am very passionate about fashion and am apy my dreams are coming through
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Thailand freelance model's Ivy Casnovy
I am passionate about beauty, fashion and photography. I like to travel and always looking for new creative shooting opportunities that will give me some great memories and more experience.
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black blood gang model
being a model is great it did not see in face but in attitude
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Nothing worth having comes easy
My dream was to become a runway model but unfortunately im too short for the runway...but i still want to be a model...i will achieve my dream i believe in myself. Please vote for me and help me achieve my dream. I love you all so much❤❤😚
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positioning your mind on making a right decision.
Being a model is really great. you can always be the best if you're determined. Make a decision on who you really want to be Let the best in you speak to the world.
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Being a model is really great. you can always be the best if you're determined. Make a decision on who you really want be Let the best in you speak to the world.
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My name is Luz
I'm 22 years old I have went to Panama Fashion week ,done works with steampunk ,experimented with some bodypaint and want to try some other .
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My dream is to be a runway model or comercial model.
Modelling has always been a dream for me,makes u brave nd confident...m b nd am proub to be a model.
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Alternative Modeling
I know alternative modeling is not as widely acceptable and everyone wants to look the same, but I think it is moving up. I am proud to be different than all the others.
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Think about the word "goddess" what comes to your mind, someone pretty, gorgeous etc and love is also involved haha! I love being cute, i love the camera, its my life! Fashion is in me! Being a model isn't all about being the most pretty girl or guy in the whole world, its about how you present yourself before everyone and tue confidence in you! Can't there be a black miss y model for once? Black is beautiful and am proud of black! @goddess!
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My passion of becoming a model
Hi I'm new here and it has always been my dream to becoming a model right from my infant......I always wish to be like my eldest sister.....I'm grateful for this opportunity at least with this I can achieve my dream of becoming a model.....pls I want u guys to vote for me so my dream will be made possible.
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Hi guys
From the very first day I heard the meaning of model!Having being aiming to be one of them because I have all it takes to be a model. Help me and like my picture to win this contest.
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My dream to be a Model
Ever since i was 12, I've always wanted to model. I love taking pictures, Im very photogenic..Modeling is a passion of mine. I need exposure into the Fashion Industry. Please vote for me........
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Hi guys☺It's your Girl Hazel💓
Modelling has always been my passion☺ I live and breath it! I would really appreciate it if you can view my profile and help me win😘😘 Love you all💓
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Hi.......The name is Diana
Hi guys, I'm new here and I'd love it if you guys could show me some love and welcome me...... I have a feeling that I'd really love this
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yeah! we talking about modelling, its my life , my aspiration which makes me happy, my inspiration. would love to be a role model to others, want people to be like me and learn from me., am shy in nature anyways ..pls vote for me new here..pls
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Miss Yang
Hi guys I'm new here please vote for me...Love you All
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Pilipina girl
Hi I'm new here.. Hope u all support me. Love u all
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1-(360)-920-1572 (Voicemail/Text/IM/Email/iphone) Skype: karrin.rachelle (Mic/Video) SnapChat: karrinrachelle #KARRINRACHELLE4BeyondBeanie #KARRINRACHELLEBrandAmbassador4BeyondBeani Discount Code: KARRINRACHELLE15
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hi... im mutya...
every beauty was unique........ it depends how confident u are.... thanks for viewing my photos... Philippines beauty....😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Live and let's live, embrace peace,enjoy life, you only live once and in end love wins💋
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Hello everyone :) I'm Joy and new here in the contest , hope you guys support me and Gob bless you all. XOXO. :)
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Filipina Beauty
Hi there ! Hi Filipinos . I'm Reynaline Macariola . I'm from Batangas Philippines. I would like you to support me here. This is my dream . I am hoping that all of us here will be professional someday. 😂😂😂
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Benadette Achieng
Hellow there!... it's me Benadette Achieng from Kenya based in kisumu region.. ol i need is yah support to help me Emerge as the toppest... you can read buh yua actions Will tell, because I beliv beauty at tymz may attract the eye❤❤ modelling is in me though... help me mould my talent guys... thanks
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My name is Shingi from Zimbabwe and feel so much that modelling is one way I can make an impact in the world as I fulfill the essence of African beauty as a pedestal for positive change in all the negativity surrounding the world today
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My sexy pose name is Daphne Yana...I am asian girl.. Nice for morning this contest for promote myself in modelling industry... I have a experience in modelling .. I can do for more to nude and erotic... Nice for inviting to visit my Asian Siren model feature...
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Please this all to my fans and loved ones please kindly like my pics and share to ur friend, doing this would make me happy and make me stand the chance of winning please with you all am sure am gonna win this...have been busy lately but am back nw..please tami luvs u all............
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Hey all
Help me win this by liking and sharing . Everybody is beautiful on the inside and out so I'm just gonna have fun with this . Keep smiling . One love
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You will always beautiful in my eyes. You dont need someone else's opinion to be beautiful. <3
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cool gal ever
If u vote for me u won't regret u self I'm born to do this and is my passionate to do this ....................#cool gal
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Mouth of brightness
It kool to take advice from people...listen but Dont always do! You can see the good in you,y wait for people's comments. A perfect woman is know from her sense of reasoning. What you really want and you are sure of, fight for it! Be You Tiful
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Live life to the fullest doing what you love!
Dont try to please anyone but yourself! You are you whether you are skinny, big, short or tall ! Youre beautiful!! Go out & be you & show them who you are!
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View ME ♡
Hey everyone, view my pictures & share, help me win ♡♡
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Be proud.
I don't live to make others happy, I do myself first :) I love my body:)
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Sexy me
I don't live my life trying to please others,I live for doesn't matter what others say or think of me.All that matters to me is what I think of myself,And what makes me happy
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FITNESS MY WORLD, thats my life and my new fashion of sexiness, having maps on my tummy feels great, I Mean abs .......
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Nothing in this world hurts more than parents who don't support there children's dreams. It is not by choice that some of you are working where you don't wanna work, its the situation and the pressure your parents focused into your life. Sometimes you hate yourself and sometimes you feel like the is a real need for you to work where you don't want to work. What happens when an opportunity of something you really love opens up? You doubt your decision/choice because you fear to leave something that's giving you a reason to wake up every morning and go Grind.... and you fear to try new things....because you don't know what's in it for you. Sometimes taking a decision over your parent's one might turn out to be horror that really feels like a curse.... and sometimes allowing your parent to decide for you might be the worst mistake ever in your life/ it might be the beginning of a whole new interesting life. Your year might look like a Blue Monday. But then again, life never comes with instructions for use and it will never come with them in the next generation... So accept that a challenge is something one will face now & then....i mean even giving Birth is a challenge and so does Dying. You are not here to play the next God you are Created for a purpose (a special purpose) ... so don't ever feel like you need to explain your every move to anyone /everyone... we are all here to visit.
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Poetry: My soliloquy of full life with full love
My soliloquy of full life in full love My six strings detached , Now my music is broken. My heartbeats stop to relax, Now my rhythm is broken. My breath is in tokens, Now my life is being broken. Brokenness Hopelessness Breathlessness What is the essence? I gather ,it is not until you are truly vulnerable yo death, that you are truly alive. So then love maketh death draweth nigh. Full lfe in full love.I am alive . More alive than the hunger of grass for morning dew, More alive than the corners of the earth when round is its form, More alive than a tearful bat on a fullmoon night, More alive than my words have ever been. I gather again ... It is not until you are truly vulnerable to death that you're truly alive. Am alive . My soliloquy of full life in full love.
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Hey guys, guess what I learnt today from a friend....he said"BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER"...I thought about it and decided to share wid you believe he's right??
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All about smiles
One advice to everyone out there.....always put on a smile because you are never fully dressed without a SMILE 😊.....
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Look at ME#!
Hey everyone view my pics and help me win. Thank you in advance much 💘 love. Xoxo
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Thousand Yesterdays ' have passed....and a million Tomorrows' may cum..but, there is only one'today'...Love ❤ it & Live it....
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Beauty is power.
I love photos because the best thing about them is that they never change even when the people in them change and they remind you of the amazing feelingsBeauty isn`t measured by the number of likes of your picture on Facebook..Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.
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Always remember that the most beautiful curve on your body is your smile :)
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You realed me in and played me like a puppet and stupid me i feel in love. I told you for you to only devistate my ever once of spirit and spark in my life that i thought was only mine. You used me and then threw me out like a tissue when you gound someone else new. I hope one day you fall in l I ve and she does this to you. Then you will know how i feel thanks but no thanks troy im to good for you
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I miss you
kne of my dearest friends has Been Missing for a little over 2 Weeks now 2 days ago her baby girl turned 1yr old and my friend wasnt there yo Celebrate her own babus first Birthday. Her name is SAMMY KELLY. AKA SAMANTHA KELLY. Shes from ballarat victoria, is in her early 30's. When sammy left home a little over 2 weeks ago now sll she said to her house mate was "I'M DONE" and she left her housemate with her children and still hasnt come home. Please helo us bring sammy home safe to her babies they miss her so much
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Keep your chin up
There will always be haters jusging you but at the end of each dah if your happy with yourself then your good
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Fun Glamor Fashion
I have been modelling for 4years now and this is a very good opportunity to take a step forward to the next level in the modelling industry. Please VOTE for me. Thank you all
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To my followers
First of all I wanna start by saying a ver big thank you to you all for all your kindness and support you have given to me that has made me come this far I promise never to let you all down I love you all!!
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To my followers
Good morning everyone, i would like to starty day off with saying a massive thank you to all my supporters and followers who have helped me get this far. I hope you all had a great xmas and new years Please contiue to vote mdail uh with thid link sl
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Break ups
First of all i would like to say i hope everyone enjoyed the new years i myself have unfortunately spent almost sll my time since new years with a broken heart. I have realize sometimes no matter how much we love someone and only have eyes for them it doesn't mean the feel the same way. These people as much as it hurts us, we must set these people free if they cant see your self worth then they dont deserve your time. I miss you but i need to get over you
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Nothing can bring me down
first off I'd like to say I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas and I would also like to thank all of my voters never thought I'd make it to 19 hopefully I'll get more there's nothing I want more then to be seen by the world as a shining star that I an there's nothing that could bring me down losing this would not stop me by any m0eans my dad has now passed away taught me to never give up on my dreams so vote me or not it doesn't matter I will make it to the top anything any of us that set our minds to we can accomplish any of you familiar with the law of attraction I also have that on my side thank you for all my fans and I hope to gain more :)
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Merry Christmas and happy new year
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self confidence
Life full of ups and downs but its not what you have thats important its what we make of everything
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Life isnt about finding yourself but creating yourself...
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My star shines bright
My dream has been to be a model my whole life I've had teachers in school try to put me in contest but we moved way to often for that to ever happen I believe I'm made for this this is my dream I will never give up on I have been balancing books on my head since I was seven I enjoy posing and feeling beautiful and the results make me proud I believe I'm made for this I'm even built for it 5'8 3/4th and 122 pounds without dieting I believe in myself despite my troubling childhood and lack of ways to make this happen for me I am never one to give up please vote me and help make a dream come true thank you all
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Myself My_world
Hello,am 18yrs of age in the university,I have got the passion of being a model since I was kid and I did went for a lots of auditions and training just for me to attain the super model I wanna be,I recently quitted modeling for concentrating in my studies since modeling is nt working buh now my wonderful fans,I AM BACK,I want you all to help vote for me coz without u an God out ther I won't be want I wanna be,So plz nd plZ my lovers #VOTE_ME thank you and I love you all so much #Kisses
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Life is when you accept your inner self and out.allow the situation the way it is and always pray to be strong.😀keep on smiling even if is hard as you always believing that you can make it!, believe in the world"star"to keep you going., s-stop.,t-think.,then u a-act,.
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We find ourselves in doubt one way or another in life the key is to surround ourself with only positive people and energy
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In life we are sorrounded by people who are always trying to break us down, to give up all that we are trying to make out of ourselves... U know what being positive and taking all their negativity as strengths and uplifting words can push ourselves beyond what we call limits
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Believing in yourself is the best thing u could do... In order to obtain any goal in life u need to tell urself that u can achieve it and u will, and u're the only person who can make ur dream a reality.. Love and embrace urself and you have all the power to make things happen and to be wherever u wanna be in life. Have courage.
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Our apperance is unfortunately more than 70% apart of everything in everyone's lives. But never let what others think break you down. Because one day they wont have there looks and you will still be happy and content in life. As beauty is truely only skin derp never forget the rarest beauty and purest of gold comes from the heart
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heart ache
We all have our heart broken but we must remember that one the person who broke your heart will one wake up and regret ever letting you go
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Beauty lies not only to the eye but to the heart. Beauty is different for everyone. As beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
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beautiful yet sexy
Love the new style of burlesque outfits out now
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haor and make up
Awesome day doing practice modeling all day for the lovely HMAU Bekke Mitchell
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new fire
Each day is a fresh start dont let yesterday hold you back or you'll never get anywhere
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I beleive in myself
Confidence is beautiful
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I believe in uniqueness
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Modeling Experiences
I went to modeling and acting school in July. It was the best experience I have ever had. It was so much fun and I met a lot of wonderful people there as well. I work hard and try my best in everything I do.
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thanks for all the support.
Iam an inspiring model looking for work iam 24 worked with 3w management and urban eye candi. please vote for me would love to be a new face on this page and many more.
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Hey 🙋
I'm Gloriyah,,cool interesting girl who loves to model...I've always wanted to be an inspiration and role model to others and also change the world to be a bit better...I'm still running towards achieving this dream and being a person I'll need support and well wishes,,please vote for me and share me,,let's be in this together..😚
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Ex-XCEPTIONAL Model Tarea- Aspiring Plus Model
Thanks for all of your support! I am featured in Livey's Legend Magazine September 2015 Issue pages 19-21 online international magazine. I am contributing and my photo is featured in a campaign called No Body Ridicule right now by Molly Roxx Smith, and have entered several other online contests such as Full Figured Fierce( Face of Fierce), Model Launcher ( Face Of Luxury) as well as preparing for my first video shoot with Miami's Atrists Mike Smiff, a Rondo Smiff, Single Producer Rippa On Da Beat- Miami Runway, Managed by Andre Lewis. You all inspire me! Remember, never despise small beginnings!
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Vote for Me
Vote for me and i promise i wont let you down!
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I'm here for u to make me u number 1 top model
We been together since my Facebook ,Twitter an Google right? Now it's. Time for all of u teke me to higher to know the world with u vote I'm invincible. Don't stop liking and forward
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Add and follow me.. I'll be worth your time
I won't let you down ! Vote for me N see more of me ;)
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Am aspiring model,for commercial and print modeling contact me bbm:2B3F5E5E,facebook name:Esther okafor. Vote for me your favourite model.always counting on you my family and fans.Love you guys
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I need ur vote please
Am an independent lady who is inlove in modelling and i believe i have ability to win this thing.....Please vote for me please and thank you for the opportunity
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Thanks for the opportunity
Hey guys thanks for giving me the chance to show myself... Please view..
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feeling thankfull
am saying a big thank you to u all. my frnds n family n contestants for making me feel loved. u can add me up on bbm 55EBFA4B and also on Whatsap, 08169097275. u can call me for billboard, catalogue n photoshots. luv n Godbless
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vote for josphine💜💜💜💜
av always had passion in modelling. ..Am not experienced though but I believe I can make it...
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Thanks for the Vote
Please keep voting! I'm an upcoming commercial and prints model I'm strong, I'm smart, I'm bold, I'm beautiful and I'm happy. For booking please contact me on; Facebook @ Ibibo Ineme Or you can send a mail to Love all!
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Thanks For Your Votes
I'm Miss Ibibo Ineme from Nigeria I'm an aspiring model; commercials and prints I believe modelling is more than a career Its more like a culture Please help me win by voting for me You can contact me on: ineme
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Hey people so listen up i could care less who win just want to show my respect to all the other models may the best one'♡ #much_love'☆
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I have wanted to be a model since I could walk....I love everything about modeling and am very interested in it. Vote for me and make my dreams a reality
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Please vote for me! I have no experience in modeling, but I have always had people tell me that I should give it a shot. I'm 21 years old && I wanted to do modeling when I was younger, but I've never really had the chance to try due to my location. If given the opportunity I would love to model. I love taking pictures && I'm very photogenic 👌📹🎥🎬✨
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Vote For Me!!
Please vote for can find me on Purpleport : iris97 / Iris Buci Facebook : ildiva modella and Email : Thank you :)
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i Need ur votes n please share them for me
Am Rachael Mensah from Africa, single, 25years old, Please Vote for me ... i like to try to win this contest !!! i always dream on!! and when i win i will share to the poor people and my winners,,i will also donates some !!!please if you have question for me anything you like to ask am, Will be happy to Respond to them .. Just email me at am always to check that mail 24/7 anyway. My contact mobile # is +233573722614,,,, thank you ...! LOVE YOU ALL
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Love Yall
Thank you so much you guys :) I really appreciate the support :* Have a lovely day <3
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so happy to be here!
So happy to be involved in this world wide modeling contest! Its great to feel the love and support of everyone xxoo I love being a cave girl and my next live appearance is at the san fernando comic book convention! please check out my fb: have a beautiful day!!!
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Interested in modelling
Hi I'm Marie Linh Vu from Hanoi Vietnam. Yes I have been confirmed as Miss Yo Model June 2015 winner. I'm interested in modelling and fashion very much. Become a commercial print ad model is my huge dream Would love to work with professional photographers
2 comments - 550 views

V for Veronika
Hi, im currently new at modelling. I love posing in front of the cam. Hoping that this pretty face will be noticed and ultimately be recognized not just a pretty face but a pretty person inside and out! If you'd like to contact me feel free to email me at
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Modelin is my passion not jst for fashion, d two tins I cnt do witout its my God nd my luv for modelin..getting beta is not a day job & we al got to stat frm somwher, dats y am here ,,,I so mch bliv in myslf nd I nid u guys to bliv in me as wel nd show ur support ,,,,u can hola me at
0 comments - 1565 views

Sweet lydia from 9ja...
Hi fans,how una dey? I need ur help... I promise not 2 let u down... All my life,my dream is 2 become a model,i decide 2 start from here cos they say"one step at a time" nd " d journey of a thousand miles start wit a step"... Still me, pure african lady... Proudly Nigerian
0 comments - 768 views

Hi Amber Im Miss University of the Philippines and i do some bikini Model in Florida is Siesta key Beach then i the 2003 Bikini Calendar
Pleasse Vote for me ... i like to try to win this contest !!! i always dream on!! and when i win i always share to the poor people my winners,,i always donate some also !!!please if you have question of me anything you like to ask im very happy to answer them .. juts please email me at im laways chek that mail 24/7 anyway my contact mobile # is 09436288732,,,, thank you ...!!
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the outputs of being in the crowd -confidence to be the best person to your self and to the public -behaviour and always stay positive
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Brittany Wilkins won the model contest competition May 2015
congratulations to the winner of the May 2015 contest :-)
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one more day til largest model contest in the world May 2015
One more day until we announce the winner of Miss Yomodel the largest model contest in the world with 223,000 facebook fans
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melina pappas
1 comments - 949 views

hot models from united states
we have a lot of new models from the united states in this month model contest. the largest two countries on the facebook page were philippines and south africa but since this month united states moved to second place and it looks like it will be soon the largest country for the model contest facebook page. this is great news :-) with over 222,000 fans this contest is getting bigger and bigger. i will make another photoshooting with a hot model when this page reaches 250,000 fans. the last photo shooting i made received over 1000 likes and 30,000 visitors
2 comments - 813 views

Brittany Wilkins currently has the lead
the largest model contest in the world is ending in 4 days. Brittany Wilkins has the lead and will probably win :-)
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world's best modeling agencies
DNA elite model management ford models check these out first. they get around 5000 daily new faces sending them photos so don't be dissappointed if you dont receive anything back
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how to start a modelling career
if you want to become a successful model you need to: 1. look fantastic 2. get a very good agency 3. work on promoting yourself every day
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welcome to the model blog
the largest model blog in the world
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